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blue French bulldogs for sale

The blue French bulldog is just like any other French bulldog other than for the coloration of the dog’s fur. What can make this puppy a little bit different in phrases of colour is absolutely nothing more than the fact that the puppy has a somewhat bluish hue that derives from genetics.

The blue French Bulldog is modest but sizeable in build with a strong muscular entire body. He sports a short straightforward-care coat to accompany his easygoing persona. The Frenchie likes to perform, but he also enjoys shelling out his times soothing on the couch. Frenchies are loving companions who prosper on human make contact with, French Bulldogs do not need a great deal of room and do very well in apartments or little dwellings.

The blue French bulldog is recognized by puppy breeder associations like the AKC or the ABKC. The coat of the French Bulldog is short, sleek, shiny, and good. The skin is free and wrinkled, specifically at the head and shoulders, and has a gentle texture. French Bulldogs appear in a range of hues, which includes blue fawn, cream, a variety of shades of blue or chocolate, a coat patterned with specks and streaks of gentle and dim markings this sort of as black brindle and the hanging tiger brindle, and blue brindle and white, known as pied. French Bulldogs also appear in other unique and uncommon hues this kind of as lilac, merle, blue and tan, chocolate and tan and other flashy shades and markings.

Blue French Bulldogs can be effortless to teach, but they can also be stubborn so be company and client when education this breed. This is a wise, loving dog who needs and requirements to invest plenty of time with his folks. A enjoyable-loving freethinker, the blue Frenchie will take well to training when it’s done in a optimistic fashion with lots of food benefits, praise, and engage in